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A.I.M. « «Jagged Alliance 2/1 Metavira» English Edition »
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   Jagged Alliance 2/1 Metavira
(Модераторы: ПМ, Терапевт)
   «Jagged Alliance 2/1 Metavira» English Edition
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«Jagged Alliance 2/1 Metavira» English Edition
« от 05.04.2014 в 07:30:04 »

«Jagged Alliance 2/1 Metavira»
The project «Jagged Alliance 2/1 Metavira» is a reincarnation of the first part of the game Jagged Alliance (hereinafter JA1) on the base of Jagged Alliance 2 (hereinafter JA2), done close to the original game in terms of the plot, the maps and the weapon range (the classic version).
The project is based on the source of JA2 modification "Night ops". In this case, there is little left from the initial concept of "NO".
It's the second fully functional test version of the game with all maps and quests. There could be a lot of glitches and bugs. :) The purpose of this release is to test the plot and the maps.
It's not necessary to read further for those who once enjoyed playing JA1. For the others there are some descriptions.
The game takes place on a small island - Metavira, located in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. Nuclear tests that were carried out on the island in the past have given rise to the growth of an unusual type of tree. The so-called “Fallow” trees produce an extremely valuable sap, which can be used to produce medicines. Some events on the island have set control over research and production of high-value commodities in danger. The player with the team of mercenaries from the restored old AIM now have to resolve the situation and regain control of the island.
Tactically, the game is identical to JA2, so we'll focus only on the strategic and economic components, which were changed a lot.
Map of the island contains 60 sectors on a grid 10 by 6, surrounded by the water sectors. Initially, only one lower right quadrant, which is the base, is available for the player.
The economy is based on the extraction of the Fallow trees sap with the subsequent processing on four chemical factories on the island. Fallow trees are spread across the sectors. Factories production capacities are limited. One of these factories is situated at the basic sector.
To tap the trees you have to hire the natives for money. The guards defend player controlled sectors from the enemies (you shouldn't omit sector defense!) hire guards from the aborigines and train them by the mercenaries (similar to JA2). Thus, everyone who works for the player get daily wages.
The strategic screen shows the map of the island. Under the map are buttons with icons. Each button determine the mode of the map. An information area, showing the status of the resources available to the player, is situated under the buttons.
First leftward button toggles the display on the map of processing factories and, if the territory controlled by the player, shows their status and production capacity.
The second button shows available Fallow trees (green squares) and employed workers collecting sap (yellow squares). In this mode you can organize workers in the sector with the left (hiring) and right (firing) mouse buttons. Management process does not take time.
The third button, as in JA2, shows the mercenaries and the enemies. All actions are standard. It should be kept in mind that you can advance the enemy sectors of the island only during the daylight hours (from about 6:45 to 21:15), it is an integral part of the plot.
The fourth button shows the guards and the enemies. In this mode the player can give orders to guards and move them from one sector to another. To send guards to another sector, click the right mouse button on the original sector. The management screen shows up. If you want to move the whole team you should directly press "Send" and specify the destination sector. Guards couldn't be sent to attack enemy sector! If you need to send only a part of the group, the remaining guards in the sector should be selected with the small buttons with numbers (as in JA2), then click "Send"... To fire the guards, select those guards, whom you are going to fire, and click "Fire". To close an opened by players mistake window click "Fire".
The remaining buttons are similar to JA2.
The job to the player will be given by his employer - Jack Richards. He will also evaluate players actions. Many of the dialogues (or rather monologues) will be in the strategic mode screen. And only in the quests which require delivery of some items, you have to speak to him on the tactical screen. Since the new characters don't have any soundfiles (we hope it will be done in the future) you should turn the subtitles on.
The mercenary's inventory is similar to the original (JA1). Number of cells is determined by the type of the vest.
In the reservoirs of Metavira live electric eels (instead of JA1 boa, because of difficulties in implementation), so it's better not to swim or even enter the water. Use bridges.
There are no deliveries to the island, so you'll have to fight, relying on the booty. (Later in the enlarged plot Bobby Ray will be available).
Experienced mercenaries from the AIM will not agree to be hired on the early stages of the game but will be available later as the game progresses.
The number of enemies in sectors usually will not exceed 12 people (in the original it was up to 8). Maximum number of guards in sector is also 12.
The initial hiring of "green" guards is possible in any of the controlled sectors and it is immediate. You can hire "green" guards similar to tapers. The training of better "blue" guards will take several hours.
Treatment and repairs are possible in any controlled sector, but in sectors with factories, these operations proceeds much faster.
AI was modified. We hope, now enemies are cleverer than before.
That's all about the information required to start the game.
You can find some useful information about keyboard commands and something else in the JA 2/1 Metavira: Questions topic.
The creative team:
Terapevt (AKA Терапевт) - project management, programming, maps.
Arulcish_Lion (AKA Lion) - most of the maps, portraits of the local NPC characters.
whoami (AKA jz) - configuration files editor, maps, AI tactical schemes,  AIM reorganization.
Shy - recreation of the plot.
PM (AKA ПМ) - weapon line, testing, setting of the balance
Bonarienz - testing.
Legend - testing.
Special thanks to:
Green Eyes for his help with graphics
inshy for the help and materials
Kazuya and anv for AIM portraits
Lexx for the music and some other materials
Metavira v0.45 (Build 17.06.13) (23.0 Mb)
To install the game unpack the archive, run install_metavira_eng.exe, follow the installer.
This modification of the game is to be put on a freshly installed English JA2 "Gold Series" (component "Jagged Alliance") or "Jagged Alliance" v1.02.
(All texts except R.I.S. in this version should be in English. Hope it's so. R.I.S. will be translated later)
The Mercs Speech v3 (12.06.13) (91.2 Mb)
To install the sound download the archive and unpack it to the DATA folder.
It's the third version of the sound. So there is no sound for Speck and there are not enough sound-files for some of the mercs. (Tex, Sam...)
Great thanks to Dimitri for his JA DG mercs speech and to Fairy_Wilbury for Mike.
Metavira Music (45.2 Mb)
To install the music download the archive and unpack it to the DATA folder.
Great thanks to Lexx for this music from Jagged Alliance.
Jack and Brenda Sounds(26.8 Mb)
This archive includes new text files for Jack and Brenda and sound files for them.  
To install this pack download the archive and unpack it to the game folder.
Intro video from JA1(38.7 Mb)
This archive includes the original intro video from JA1. It's quality doesn't seems good enough now, but it's rather interesting.  
To install this pack download the archive, create in the game data folder a new folder "Intro" ( GAME_DIR/Data/Intro/) and unpack the archive there.
Wine (942 kb)
If you want to play this modification on Windows 8, you also need this:
Unpack this archive near the games .exe file. It might fix you problems.
If you don't use Windows 8 you do not need this!
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[Lion. King Lion.]

Welcome to Metavira!

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Re: «Jagged Alliance 2/1 Metavira» English Edition
« Ответ #1 от 05.04.2014 в 07:33:48 »

Metavira v0.50

http://www.ja2.su/sclad/lion/metavira_e_b2p1.zip (2.3 MB)
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Re: «Jagged Alliance 2/1 Metavira» English Edition
« Ответ #2 от 15.06.2014 в 11:49:23 »

Поправочка - я сей продукт не тестировал, моя лень ограничилась лишь переводом мануала (вроде как, я уже не помню что именно я переводил, для НО или Метавиры : gigi : )

- Удельный вес ядра твоей планеты думай!
- Эээ...

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